Believography is the art of believing in what's possible.

Believography provides themed learning parties for kids in the Dallas area. Each party is developed with a career and learning in mind. By providing a fun atmosphere, kids are challenged to develop critical thinking skills, learn more about academic subjects, and to have fun with learning! Believography simultaneously engages parents and introduces strategies that can be taken home to further develop children's interests and natural curiosities. Check out our Learning Parties.

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Guestbook for Believography
JoAnn Rodriguez(non-registered)
Janet, thank you so much for a wonderful birthday party experience. The "Minds Under Construction" party was a fun theme for my daughter's 7th birthday and all of the young future engineers, architects, designers, and carpenters enjoyed making things with real drills, hammers, nails, and no kid stuff! The adults enjoyed the stations as well and it was wonderful party where everyone had something to do! My daughter says she is the most popular girl in her first grade class because of the party... and I was a grateful mom for not having to come up with another variation of a pink princess party!!! You did a wonderful job and hopefully our young girls (and boys) felt empowered!!
Linn Madsen(non-registered)
I must have met you at an event and we traded cards. Well - today I found your card when I was changing purses and loved the name of your website, so I visited. What an amazing story you have! How remarkable the innovation you're doing. Hope you don't mind - I shared it on facebook. Amazing and lovely.
Jennell Sanders(non-registered)
Janet, I can only ditto the comments by Cathy and Beth. What an innovative and fun idea you've created! You are able to do the things you love to do: working with kids and guiding them in learning important and necessary skills AND... taking pictures of them in the process! I wish you the very best in this very unique venture.
Cathy Cowan(non-registered)
What a fantastic website, the photography is fabulous! Knowing Dr. Janet personally and her history of education and photography, the combination is magical! I can't wait to see all the coming events posted and the excitement these fun parties will create! Wishing the very best in your journey with Believography!
Beth Hammil(non-registered)
Wow!!! Loved taking my first journey through your over-the-top awesome website. Each photogragh leaves you feeling good inside and anxious to see the next one (see more -want more). I am so very proud of you!!