Janet Morrison, Ed.D.
Founder and CEO

Believography is about believing in, engaging with, and inspiring children. It's about helping kids (and parents) see that learning is not about sitting still and doing worksheets and tests, but is about exposure to new experiences, utilizing critical thinking skills (also called "problem solving"), and engaging in creativity and innovation. It's about recognizing that kids have multiple intelligences. It's about understanding a child's 100 Languages and working together to help them express those languages. It's about realizing that "learning" and "boring" are actually oxymorons.

I started working with kids by chance. In college I went on an inner-city mission trip that had us working with kids and was told, "Just love on the kids!" I was exhausted at the end of each day and said I would never work with kids because they take way too much energy! (Never say never!)

After moving to Dallas and beginning my career working at a non-profit, I moved into a low-income neighborhood. The kids in the neighborhood came to visit me every evening. As they visited, played, cooked, and hung out at my apartment, I also asked them to clean up before they left. They did. I began realizing that kids rose to the expectations placed on them. They didn't just need to be loved. Kids need people around them who expect of them and expose them to new things in life. Kids look to us for guidance. My job shifted to allow me to create after-school and summer programs for kids.

I went back to school to get a degree in education and gain a better understanding of what I could do. I discovered amazing educational systems like Reggio Emilia in Italy, methodologies like Experiential Learning, and realities of Multiple Intelligences from Howard Gardner. I began realizing my parents, though neither are college educated, had implemented these practices my entire life. They allowed me to experiment with chemistry sets purchased at garage sales, try my hand at piano lessons, open a checking account, write a check (in 1st grade!), and learn from a real stock broker what it meant to invest. I wanted other children to have the same amazing and life-developing experiences.

As a result, I developed summer and after-school programs that included these methodologies and techniques. For 14 years, together with the teenagers I trained and hired, we created an amazing program that exposed kids to new careers, thoughts, and experiences. Now, with Believography, I have evolved that into a Learning Party model!

Each Learning Party focuses on different careers and each activity in the party challenges kids to think and create, developing skills in a way that is so fun kids don't even know they're learning...and if they do, they don't care (you'd be amazed at how much I've seen kids change simply by stimulating and challenging their brain)! What's even better is that you, the parent (or grandparent or aunt/uncle or cousin or family friend) gets to interact with the kids and learn and do new, fun activities as well. I'm always happy to provide you with insight on how each of the activities help your child develop vocabulary, prepare for high school and college, and move further on their path to lifelong learning!