We're going to blow up some things! Yes, really! Everything in this party has to do with creating chemical reactions that create little explosions or literally blowing up things (like balloons) to create something fun. Kids and adults use safety goggles to promote safety. Warning: Having fun and learning are inevitable. Budding scientists may result.


Up to 15 kids--$275
Additional kids--$17 per child



Kickin' it in the Kitchen party



All Learning Parties are held on-site and clean up is included. However, if you would like to host a learning party for your child at an off-site location, we can accommodate. Let us help you arrange parties at your local civic center, church, or other community venue. Give us a call! 

All parties are held on-location. We arrive 30 minutes before the party to set up and will clean up everything after the party is over. 

A 50% down-payment must be received in order for the date to be reserved. Balance must be paid upon arrival to location.  

Contact us to check for available dates and to help customize your party! 214-444-9510