Believography's Educational Philosophy




Howard Gardner's Eight Multiple Intelligences. Learning Parties are based on the understanding that every child is different. Some children love nature, some can sit and read for hours, and still others can freestyle rap with no effort. These are actual intelligences that deserved to be developed. Watch the video to learn more about Howard Gardner’s Eight Multiple Intelligences.


Reggio Approach. We believe children have something to offer us. We can provide provocations to start children on their journey, but we realize that all we are doing is stimulating and starting the conversation. We then have to listen to and collaborate with children to allow them to tap in to their creativity and knowledge that exists in all children. You can find more about the Reggio Approach here and also read about the 100 Languages of Children.


Experiential Learning. Learning happens because of the experiences we have in life. If a child never sees, meets, or knows what an engineer does, he/she cannot possibly imagine growing up to choose that as a career. Learning Parties seek to expose kids to a variety of different careers and activities that challenge them and inspire them to a new level. Learning Parties are meant to expand their opportunities and expose them to interests and talents they may not have been aware of before.